Heat Stress Compliance in a Box 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Traingin Available in English and Spanish  
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Heat Stress Compliance In A Box
$299Buy Now! Learn about OSHA Reg 3154 and Cal/OSHA Reg 3395
Learn about recent OSHA Fines relating to Heat Stress Download Product Information PDF
Here's What You Get 
check box 1 x Heat Stress Responder First Aid Kit
Kit includes certi-tape, cold packs, rescue blanket, forehead thermometer, certi-lyte electrolyte tablets, and sqwincher Qwik Stik.
check box 2 x Daily Checklist Pads
(1 x Eng/ 1 x Spa, 25 pages per pad)
Includes necessary items needed daily to prevent Heat Stress Emergencies at the workplace.
check box 2x Heat Stress First Aid Laminated Posters
(1 x Eng/ 1 x Spa)
Poster Includes Heat Stress Practices, The Heat Equation, and Types of Heat Stress.
check box 24 x Heat Stress Laminated Worker Fact Sheet
(12 x Eng/ 12 x Spa)
Includes information for workers to follow during training session.
check box 2 x Heat Stress in Construction Laminated Posters
(1 x Eng/ 1 x Spa)
Poster includes How To Identify Signs Of Heat Stroke, How To Prevent Incidents Of Work Site Heat Stress, How To Deal With Work Site Heat Stress Emergencies, And Necessary Steps To Minimize Work Site Heat Illness.
check box 1 x CD containing Training Materials
Includes printable Trainer's Guide, Worker Fact Sheet and Daily Checklist, plus the CAL OSHA Heat Stress Written Safety Plan
check box 2 x Employer Laminated Training Guides
(1 x Eng/ 1 x Spa)
Includes easy-to-follow instructions.
Available in English and Spanish
Ideal For Job Sites:
Jobsite Heat Stress Kit Jobsite Heat Stress Kit

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Jobsite Kit includes:

2 x Heat Stress Safety Poster (1 x English & 1 x Spanish)
2 x Heat Stress Prevention and Treatment Poster (1 x English & 1 x Spanish)
1 x Heat Stress Responder Kit (First Aid Kit)

Train your employees on the following:
  • Heat Stress Prevention Best Practices
  • Fill out section for emergency information and jobsite address
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Heat Syncope
  • Heat Rash
  • Heat Cramps
  • The Heat Equation
  • How to use the coldpacks to cool a heat stress victim
Heat Stress Responder Kit Contents:
QTY Item
4 Cold Pack - Certi-Cool - Junior, 5" x 9"
2 Certi-Tape - Spool, 1" x 5yds
1 Rescue Blanket - Silver, 52" x 84"
1 Forehead Thermometer Reusable
4 IXL STICK (Blue Raspberry) (16.9 floz)
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